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read this interesting article and call us !!!
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The ladies prepare to enter the - PAW PAW TUNNEL
C and O Canal Towpath
Updated 4/28/13              
2013 update -- we are going to continue to serve the
cyclist traveling the GAP/C&O Canal. We have
purchased new bikes to add to the rental fleet and look
forward to the completion of the Great Allegheny
Passage during the 2013 season.

We specialize in supporting groups of any size
with rental bikes/trailers, trip planning info, luggage
transfers and vehicle shuttles.

As the cycling season is upon us, I would like to
remind everyone to support bicycle awareness --

I have had many friends involved in unfortunate
accidents --- Please Stay Alert and LOOK

for cyclist when driving a vehicle --
this means both Bicycles and Motorcycles!!!!!!
And cyclist, please be responsible and ride
respectfully, legally and with your helmet!!!

Ride Safe!!!! -- Shane

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